TangoWire started out in 2001 as DatingTech Network and was brainchild of two programmers who found themselves in the midst of the dot-com bust. Armed only with an idea and a desire to bring people together, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create something unique. A high-speed T-1 internet connection was set up in an office over a garage, and DatingTech Network was born.

In 2004, DatingTech Network's name was changed to TangoWire. Conceptually, it takes two to tango and the wire is the connection between the two. This made TangoWire a better name to operate their online dating site under. 

Shortly thereafter, the idea of communities came into play. The thought was that people are individuals, individuals have different interests in life and naturally will come together because of those interests. Since humans have the need to socially interact and to find others with like interests it make sense to create those communities within an online dating environment.   

Today, TangoWire maintains a long list of online communities serving both general and specialized interests such as big beautiful women (BBWs), military, interracial, black, gay, lesbian, christian, adult, and more!

We've never lose sight of our humble beginnings. We owe our success to you, our members, and your loyalty inspires our dedication to bring you together.

Good luck on your search!